Added Value

Simmonds Transport offer a range of added value services for our customers. These services can save you time, offer convenience and improve the service you give to your customers. Some of the services that we offer include:


Picking and Packing

We offer an efficient picking and packing service. This allows us to fulfil the needs of the customer in the fewest number of steps.


When an order arrives into our warehouse, it is scanned and put into a location. This allows the pickers to easily find the order, ready for packing.  From the orders, the items are then picked and packed before we send it out to our customers.


If your order is fragile, we’ll ensure we take all the necessary steps to ensure we handle your order with care.


Stock Control and reporting

Our warehouse management system allows us to check and control our warehouse processes. This ensures that the stock is accurate and that we can account for the movement of stock to and from the warehouse.


Goods Storage

Our extensive warehouse facility, allows us to store your goods for any length of time.  Thus, reducing your stockholding. We have over 25,000 pallet spaces, including an external facility.


Other added value services that we can provide:

  • Customer collections
  • Shrink wrapping and palletisation
  • Labelling and barcoding