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Warehouse by Simmonds Transport


Our warehousing philosophy isn’t just about the careful handling and visibility and tracking of our customer's goods. It’s about the added value to the customers’ business through specialised functions.


From same day picking, Warehouse Management System (WMS) controlled stock management, through picking and packing capabilities inc repacking, labelling and container de-stuffing.


Partnering with our own fleet we can deliver fully integrated warehousing and distribution solutions to anywhere in the UK. Forging a vital link to all of our customer's supply chains.

Warehouse by Simmonds Transport

We cater for customers of all sizes from 1 pallet storage to 10,000 pallets. 

We store any type of product in our range of warehousing options.

We offer our clients a fully integrated and customized warehouse and distribution service.

  • 100,000 sq ft of 15,000+ racked BRC AA pallet locations.

  • 150,000 sq ft flexible walls storage.

  • State of the art Warehouse Management System.

  • Dock Shunting (4)

  • Indoor and out door loading/unloading.

  • Container unloading/loading.

  • Pick and pack operations.

  • Fumigation services on-site for food storage customers/ 

  • FORS Gold haulage fleet.

  • Palletline depot for easy distribution of customer orders.


We are the premier league of warehousing and distribution.

Call the Warehouse Team on 01952 236 010

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