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Compliance, Health & Safety

Compliance, Health & Safety

Compliance and Health & Safety

In January 2010 Simmonds Transport appointed Michael Collins as Fleet Compliance Manager after a fantastic career as a router and driver.


Mike continued in this role until early 2024 when he became Head of HR, Health & Safety and Compliance. Mike does a fantastic job and is highly respected by DVLA and often asked for his input.

Kevin Preece works full time alongside Mike in the Compliance Office and also heads up our BRC accreditations for both teh fleet and warehouse.  

A bespoke Driver Training program is presented to all drivers and new employees to ensure they are fully educated in driver’s hour’s rules and government legislation which helps reduce any tachograph and driver’s hour’s infringements.   All haulage operators have their compliance monitored by the DVSA (formerly VOSA) and the Traffic Commissioner using an Operators Risk Score and is rated using a traffic light system. Simmonds Transport are proud to have a continued status of Green for both roadworthiness and traffic scoring with no Graduated Fixed Penalties or Prohibitions ever being issued for driver’s hour’s offences.

Safety on the road is of paramount importance so to ensure drivers carry out comprehensive Daily Walk Around Checks and efficient Defect Reporting of vehicles and trailers, a system unique to Simmonds whereby vehicles and trailers are randomly tagged with reflective discs has been developed to both show and self-enforce driver compliance.

Simmonds works closely with the DVSA, the Highways Agency, the Road Haulage Association and the Freight Transport Association of which they are members.  Standards of compliance are also audited annually by Transport for London’s F.O.R.S (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme). The Company is proud of its F.O.R.S Gold Standard Accreditation. 

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